Welcome to Auroras & Prose!

Hi! Welcome to Auroras & Prose- A fandom shop inspired by the magic within you.

My name is KB. I’m a pediatric physical therapist, dog mom, aspiring author, cosplayer, content creator, chai latte lover, cancer, ENFJ, Enneagram four with a deep love for fandom! 

Our Story

Auroras & Prose came to be when I was in graduate school, needing an outlet for my creativity. I was burnt out and in a dark place, and starting drawing, crocheting and creating again! Auroras & Prose was originally named “Coastal Bee Designs” and we started with selling keychains, stickers, and crochet blankets locally in early 2021. After beginning to read again, I was reminded why I had such a passion for fandom and wanted to create based off the fandoms I love. We began on etsy with mostly stickers, but after several months we began selling apparel as well! My love for these stories (as well as the vast number of amazing worlds I have discovered since jumping back into reading) has been so magical. When rebranding Auroras & Prose in January of 2023, I wanted the brand to encompass that magic, passion, and wanderlust we feel when we enter a new fantastical world through media. The name “Auroras & Prose” was inspired by the unique colors and magic found in the Aurora Borealis, the feeling of comfort we get through prose, and of course- my favorite Taylor Swift song. We strive to support many authors and artists, and are hoping to add even more fandoms while we expand!


I am so happy you are here, and I hope that you find something that brings a piece of magic to each of your days. 

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